Q Athletics Virtual Training (QAVT) is a service offered by Q Athletics (Ashburn, Virginia) that allows clients from all over the world to be a part of our family.

Over the last 12 years of training clients we came to the realization that the most valuable services we can offer people is knowledge and accountability.  Teaching our clients how to live a healthy lifestyle is the key to their success.

Similar to “personal training” each client we work with online is treated as an individual.  We all have different personalities, motivating factors, strengths and weaknesses.  QAVT only works with a limited amount of clients at a time to ensure you receive the attention needed to reach your goals.

how it works

When you are ready to join our family, begin by filling out the questionnaire and submitting it to us.  We will review it and contact you within 24 hours.   This will give us an idea as to which training program we believe suites you best.  You ALWAYS have the freedom to choose your package but we will suggest one based on the feedback you give us. 

After you decide what program you would like we welcome you on board and we immediately get started!



  • COACHING: Simply communicating with you and getting to know who you are.  This is where  it all starts and how we will hold you accountable for the new lifestyle you are about to live.  Figuring out how to motivate and coach each client we have is the key to YOUR success.

  • EDUCATING: Teaching you how to eat and how to train are key components in your success.  In addition to personal attention (Skype, phone calls and emails) we also host live trainer talks, group chats and have a private Facebook page for our clients to interact with each other.

    TRACKING: We strongly encourage ALL clients to track their diet using myfitnesspal.com and sharing this info with us for as long as we feel needed (length varies depending on client goals and current diet).