Q Athletics is located inside The Campus.  We are centrally located, just minutes off The Greenway and Rt. 28.  

Our primary focus is small group training, with classes capped at 8 athletes to ensure they are getting a high level of coaching.  We group athletes by age and focus on the following aspects of sports performance:

  • FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS: How to properly squat, hinge, jump, rotate, push and pull.

  • AGILITY: Footwork, balance and coordination

  • STRENGTH: External loads and resistance training based on form and strength (after passing functional movement screenings)

  • RUNNING FORM: Head to toe analysis

  • CORE: Core stability including hips and glutes

In addition, we believe that continuity is an important aspect in developing athletes so they will only have 1 trainer/program.  We do not rotate trainers, instead designate them to a program from beginning to end.


Our Mission
“The stop watch does not lie.”

For almost 12 years, Owner, Bobby Quarantillo has been preaching this simple fact to clients and parents in Loudoun County.  
“In order for us to quantify an athlete is getting faster, we have to collect data.  We are constantly testing our athletes to ensure our program is working for them.  If they plateau, we know it is time for changes.”

Being located inside The Campus now allows Q Athletics to time athletes on 40 yd sprints indoors on their 50 yd sprint track.  In addition, the Broad jump, Vertical jump, Pro Agility shuttle and several other tests are used to quantify improvements with all our athletes.

Our daughter Lydia enrolled in Q ATHLETICS with the goal of improving stamina, strength and speed to support her performance in lacrosse and field hockey. The changes we have seen in her self-esteem and confidence, let alone her fitness have been incredible. Lydia enjoys her personal coaching sessions and looks forward to the new challenges presented each week. The one on one coaching sessions have directly contributed to her selection for regional and national travel lacrosse and field hockey teams. We strongly recommend Bobby Q to any young female athlete irrespective of age, fitness or sport.
— M.O